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VBCE is a co-educational college affiliated to JNTUH, located in Indian state of Telangana. The college offers UG and PG courses in Engineering and Management. Established by REDS, Hyderabad, in need for providing quality Technical and Management education. It has a team of highly qualified, skilled, and trained self motivating professionals.

REDS started its activities in 1993 with a UG program. From 1995 onwards MCA , MBA and MSc programs were conducted at Hyderabad, Tirupathi, Warangal & Raipur. In 2008 started a UG program RTF.

VB has a mission of creativity and imparting, scientific, technical and organizational skills. Center to our ethos at not only importance is given to education but also to the all round development of the student. For this sports, cultural and various extra curricular activities have been initiated. Upon completion of a specific program VB students embark on a carrier part that helps them find and follow their individual purpose. Unlike other students VB Students work closely with there faculty peers and members in every field of their work. Both in and out of the classroom students are encourage to apply theory to practice and learn by doing. Students discovers new prospective and approaches of problem solving by crossing barriers of their respective disciplines. Students are encouraged to work along side communities through local and national level service programs etc. VB culture is steeped in human values and social responsibility.

To prepare our students for the challenges of productive citizenship , VB offers vigorous programs that emphasize critical thinking, creative problem solving and global experience. At VBCE we strive for innovation , integrity and inclusive.